From 2003.06.24


Name Kuhmu
Job Software Engineer
Data Analyst
Languages Python C++ JavaScript C#
Frameworks Unity Jenkins


2017.4 Joined a data analysis company.
2015.4 Joined a game company.
2015.3 Earned master's degree of information science.
2013.3 Earned bachelor's degree of information science.
2017.5 - Current Full-time
Data analyst
[Natural language processing]
  • Classify questionnaire results automatically. Python
  • Clustering customer inquiries of a pharmaceutical company. Python Keras
[Basic analysis]
  • Discount coupon optimization using uplift modeling. Python
  • Develop data management platform. Python TreasureData(Hive) PostgreSQL
[Implementation based on papers]
2015.4 - 2017.4 Full-time
Game programmer
  • Developed server side new features and maintained them. C++
  • Developed client side game systems. C# Unity
  • Maintained build tools of Unity resources.
    Jenkins Python ShellScript Windows
2014.9 - 2015.3 Subcontracting
Client test engineer
  • Automated client test for a web service. JavaScript phantomjs
2013.9 - 2013.11 Internship
Software engineering intern
  • Designed and developed a log validation framework. Python
2013.1 - 2013.4 Part-time
Web programmer
  • Developed new features and maintained backend of an SNS. PHP MySQL
2011.6 - 2012.12 Part-time
Smartphone game application programmer.
  • Developed action games for iOS. Unity C#
  • Developed game prototypes for internal use.
    Unity C# cocos2d Objective-C


I brought up Ladies++.
Ladies++ is a women’s community for C++ programmers.
We are aiming to get women more closer to C++ by the means of our workshops, meetups, hackathons etc.
Member of PyData.Tokyo organizer.
We hold events regarding data analysis every 2 months.
Competitive programing contests.
  • TopCoder [Single round match]: Rating 1248 (2016.5)
  • TopCoder [Marathon match]: Rating 1234 (2015.10)
  • ISUCON 2015: 1st prize in student division(2015.11)